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New, Auction Services!

Have you been to an auction? Of course. Have you tried any on-line auctions? Maybe.

If you are the buyer they can be full of mystery and excitement. A wooden crate full of surprises. What will it go for? Who knows! Size up the crowd. Get your number. Guard your emotions. And wait. It is so true that one man's junk is another man's treasure.

What about selling at an auction? Downsizing or handling an estate? What do you do with all that stuff you have collected and dusted over the years. Yard sale is a possibility. What a headache. Pick the wrong weekend and you may be sitting alone surrounded by all your unwanted stuff. And what in the world are you going to do with the no-sales. Are you going to drag it back in and try another weekend? It is emotionally, physically and mentally draining but, it has to get done.

This is where auctions shine. We have teamed up with Auction Ohio. They are problem solvers. Their expertise can handle any size job with speed and efficiency. They will photograph, advertise and handle the sale of goods & property. From beginning to end they have the solutions.

If you are facing a mountain of headaches because of downsizing or an estate, don't let it turn into an avalanche. Give us a call at Scott-Ogle Realty and we will arrange it all. 740-432-7333

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