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My most frequent real estate question is, “How’s the real estate market?” I love real estate, so my instinctive response is, it’s great! But there is not one simple answer to the question. Sure, there is a busier season, April to August but homes are always going under-contract, sold, and coming on to the market. Here are some statistics for our local real estate market, Guernsey County.

2021 Guernsey County

June July August September October

Active Listings 199 220 230 240 284

Sales 47 50 51 46 46

Average days to sell 70 75 43 80 71

New Listings 61 82 66 68 61

Pending 54 48 40 37 46

Average Listing $138,372 $195,301 $217,555 $188,019 $150,258

Avg. Sell Price $151,492 $159,780 $149,689 $140,450 $140,251

List to Sell Avg. % 109.48% 81.81% 68.81% 74.70% 93.34%

Note the number of active listings on the market is rising. For buyer’s this helps increase the inventory of homes and more competition should lower list prices. For sellers that could mean they will be selling their homes for less money and take longer to sell. As always, the three most important influences on selling and buying a home will be location, condition and price. These factors always dictate the actual selling price and reflect why real estate is a very local driven market.

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