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To Make the Best Better!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

4-H builds a better community. You can help.

Shannon Shattow operations manager at Grace Pantry, The Willams family: Brad & Janell with their two children, Bryson & Izzy and Me (Mark Wharton-your favorite realtor).

The Williams family

As with most young families, the Williams are busy. Janell and Brad grew up in Cambridge and they are raising their family right here. In the midst of their busy life they try to teach their kids the right way to go. And you and I both know in this day and age that isn't easy. I admire these young families. Those days go so fast when you're kids are young!

To Make the Best Better

Do you recognize these words? It's the 4-H motto. And I have to tell you it works! 4-H gets everyone involved; parents, grandparents, siblings & community. The projects the kids take on aren't easy. It requires commitment of time and money.

The culmination of all their hard work is the county fair. The auctions draw a crowd. Every kid needs a couple of bidders. Not everyone can purchase, but it takes at least two bidders to get the prices moving. So, the kids need to get their ducks in a row. Get the word out that they have an animal & need their support.

There are a lot of life lessons involved in this process. It's a tough day. The animal you worked with, raised & nurtured is nearly always headed to the butcher!

This year we bought two hogs. Dakota Hinson had a beautiful big hog that was turned back to be used as a breeding hog. Bryson Williams' grandpa, Randy Williams, suggested a donation to Grace Pantry. That just rang true to us. And so Bryson learned a little more about community and how we get things done when we work together. 4-H works!

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