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Dickens Victorain Village lights up the downtown in November & December. But there is so much more...great independent shops, restaurants, school events. The Living Word Outdoor Drama, The Wilds, County Museum, Georgetown Winery or head to the city. It's a quick drive away. It's a great place to call home.


Home of Muskingum University. Small town happens here & it has everything you need. Small businesses line Main Street. Hometown heroes, John & Annie Glenn, had a big impact on the world and they are celebrated in the Glenn Museum on Main Street. 

Salt Fork State Park, the largest state park East of the Mississippi, is right here. Ideal for outdoor recreation-hunting, fishing, camping. Hike through the park or get a good walk in at the golf course. Surrounding area has acres of beautiful farmland. Get your camera ready!

Kids Jumping into the Lake


The village is full of history. And Seneca Lake is just around the corner. Wether you enjoy a weekend retreat or you are a year rounder, there is a lot to take in and enjoy. 


The Guernsey Power plant has put Byesville on the map. It is an investment of 1.6 Billion dollars. New businesses are opening up on Main Street. Jackson Park is a great fishing & birding spot. Village Park is a great place for the kids to play. Just off Interstate 77.

Father and Son Fishing
Hikers by the Bridge at Sunset


Zanesville's rich history is undeniable, from the Underground Railraod to the pottery legacy. You can chose roller skating or the symphony. Zanesville branch of Ohio University & Zane State College offer opportunity for all ages. 

MARKET NEWS                                   real estate professionals



Mortgage rates have risen. Keep in contact with your lender as the change in rates could affect your borrowing power.
ARM's, adjustable-rate mortgages, are back with no money down.
Talk with your local lender to find out what options are available for you.



It is a seller's market. Because of a limited supply of available properties, things happen fast.
When buying here are a few basics to remember.
1. Clean up your finances. Get a pre-approval letter. This is a very important step. 
2. Decide on your must haves.  
3. Pick your top 3 houses and let's go!




When you trade in a car, you clean it up to get the best price. The same is true for your home. Put the clutter away. Put it in storage if you must. Don't forget to do the same on the outside. Tidy it up. It all makes a difference.

We will stage, detail & take the photos. You're ready!
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