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By the Numbers


Active Sold New Average Average

Listings Listings Listings Days on Market Sale Price

January 192 40 41 42 $119,950

February 221 48 69 44 $150,000

March 205 41 32 56 $142,450

April 212 40 48 37 $151,950

All data is from MLS Now multiple listing service for Guernsey County

Active and Solds : include lots, land, residential, commercial and rental properties

Most notable of this data is the increase of the average sale price from January to April.

This is an average. The most important aspects for a sale price remain location, condition,

price and now the number of properties available.

I stopped doing the numbers in December when it became apparent that the data I was

working with was not consistent. That issue is now resolved.

Once again numbers of local real estate activity will be posted month to month.

Thanks for your patience!

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