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Change Is Constant

There is a concept in real estate, that change is constant. This concept obviously is not unique to real estate but applies to all aspects of life, nothing remains the same. I am amused at a term I hear from time to time, “this will be my forever home.” It may well be a forever home but only until it no longer fits the individual or family’s needs. That time span can be decades, years or even just months. Change in life is inevitable. No one escapes the clutches of change and time.

Life changes and so does the need of where to call home. Generally, we focus on our own or our family’s needs and how our surroundings help or hinder satisfying them. Your home can be too big, too small, too far, too anything that makes life more difficult or uncomfortable. The list for the reasons why is as different as the individuals themselves. If our home’s environment is not helping us to meet those needs a change becomes more and more desirable.

And change is not limited to individuals. Our surroundings are subject to change. The neighborhood itself may be undergoing one. Homes are increasing in value, or they may be declining. The city you live in can be experiencing change. Traffic is now too heavy, there is too much noise. Industry has located nearby. You get the idea. Living in America, you can move from where you are to someplace you would rather be. That is when you can appreciate the real value of a realtor.

It is our responsibility to know the values of properties. To know the trends in pricing and interest rates. Our role is to guide our clients through the process. The real estate industry works for you to have your property exposed to as many people as possible and to other realtors whose careers are founded on helping clients find homes that are a better fit. Finding the perfect place is unusual. Finding a better fit is a more precise description of what we do. The real beauty of real estate is just as all homes are different so are all the individuals looking. Realtors are all about helping all those individuals with unique needs find a better fitting place to call home. It is a daily challenge and I love doing it!

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