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Through a Buyer's Eyes

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Help a buyer see the positives of your home.

The first look at a home is normally a pretty quick overview. It's either a possibility or it's off the list. It takes time to look at a room and see the possibilities beyond the neon orange and pink walls. They miss all the positives like the great view, closet space and layout. Many times a home is marked off the list for cosmetic reasons.

How do you get your home noticed. Remove clutter. Where do you put all the stuff? Box it up, put it in the closet or rent a storage unit. Here's a good question. Do you really want to move all that stuff to the next house? Sort through, donate, sell, reduce.

I'm not saying you're treasures are trash. I am saying when selling a home, you have to make room for someone else. Imaginations are limited. The buyer needs to be able to picture himself living in that space. Your collections and clutter maybe very valuable and dear to your heart. But it could be the very thing that will get your property overlooked by serious buyers.

Take the test. Get your phone out and take photos around your home. Sit down and look at them like you were shopping for a home. How do you rate your space?

You may need to make a few repairs or paint a few walls. You don't have to invest a lot of money to put your best foot forward. If you need help we can assist in staging and detailing your home.

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